Snow Removal

Cartoon image of a car with snow falling on it

No parking on MP streets before, during, and after snowfalls.

Ordinance 3-2018 - Parking on Minerva Park Streets during Snowfalls.

Snowplows do a cleaner, better job clearing our roads when vehicles are pulled into driveways. This is especially critical on the courts and cul-de-sacs where maneuvering space is limited.

Snow, ice, and cold bring the time when we ask you to not park on the streets so the snowplow crews can do their jobs. We understand that, with multiple drivers in your household, sometimes parking in your driveway is a challenge, but please do the best you can. As you know, our streets are narrow and the crews’ trucks need to move at about 20 to 25 miles per hour to gain momentum to effectively plow our streets. Let’s not make their jobs any more difficult for them.