Renewal Levy - Tuesday, August 2 Special Election

Jul 18, 2016

Sample ballot. As you may have seen in the posted legislation, earlier Villager newsletters, and in the news, Minerva Park will again ask residents to RENEW a longstanding 3.2 mill property tax levy that is expiring. This renewal levy is estimated to generate $106,100 annually.

Similar to recent ballot levies, this will NOT INCREASE your tax bill, but the Village is required periodically to place its property levies before voters to re-approve. If approved, the levy would generate 32¢ per $100 of property valuation for five years.

Why a special election on August 2 and not at the November general election? Residents can consider this renewal on a clean ballot, free from the myriad other issues and candidates they are likely to see in November.

If you have any questions, please contact Finance Chairman Councilman John Michels (, 614-273-9026), Mayor Lynn Eisentrout (, 614-882-5743), or any Council member.



Family Fun Night - Jul 23

Jun 28, 2016

For Minerva Park Residents and Their Guests
Underwritten by your $20 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today.
- At the pool, 7p to 10p. Admission only $3. Ice cream sundaes, paddle boats, tug-o'-war, hula hoop competition, coin toss. Buy dinner (burgers or hot dogs), so there's no need to cook.

Bring your family and favorite lawn chair, and join all of Minerva Park in this fun annual FUNDRAISING event. The raffle (tickets are $1 each) includes Kings Island tickets, Pro Football Hall of Fame tickets, Columbus Children's Theater tickets, Magic Mountain tickets, Minerva Park Pool guest passes, COSI tickets, Westerville Golf Center gift card, Lazer Kraze tickets, Cleveland Browns' swag, and more.

To help, please contact BettyAnn Zimmerman, 614-815-2257.



Storm Drains

May 30, 2016

Please be MP neighborly and keep the storm drains in front of your home cleared of debris. Grass clippings in the street wind up clogging MP storm sewers and cause street damage, costing the Village money. Please mulch grass clippings into your own yard or dispose of them properly. Thanks for being a good neighbor.


Reprint from the August 2015 Villager
By Scott Doellinger, Code Enforcement Officer

When everything works as intended, the stormwater system is a thing of beauty. No, really.

Rain flowing off the streets goes into storm drains ... then into underground pipes ... then into Minerva Park lakes ... then into Kilbourn Run ... then into Alum Creek ... then further downstream ... as intended.

But just like plaque build-up in your arteries, when that flow is restricted, there’s back-up. In a stormwater system, we call it flooding. Offenders are leaves, grass clippings, branches, or any other obstruction that keeps rainwater from moving quickly through the system.

Village Ordinance 660.05 requires the occupants of a lot abutting a street to keep the sidewalk, curb, and gutter free of snow, ice, or “any other nuisance.” This includes keeping leaves, grass clippings, and other debris out of the stormwater system to avoid flooding.

It’s just as important to keep organic material from running into the lakes, thereby reducing sediment that requires dredging, costing thousands of dollars. And toxic materials such as motor oil, fertilizer run-off, and fluids from automobiles will do serious harm to the lake ecosystems.

So keep the roadway and gutter free of debris and keep the fish happier and Minerva Park’s lakes healthy and clean. And help prevent flooding that can strike unannounced at you and/or your neighbor(s) ... a worthy goal in and of itself.



Veterans Memorial Update

Mar 3, 2016

By Mayor Lynn Eisentrout ...
I just had a great meeting with Harry Toy. As you may recall, he is the Wildwood Road resident and veteran who first approached me several years ago about erecting a Veterans Memorial, specifically in front of the Community Building and near the existing flag pole. Mr. Toy and I reviewed the text for the Memorial, "Dedicated to all veterans who have honorably served past, present and future," and he has approved it. We also discussed the placement and the status of the sales of the bricks/pavers. Please consider purchasing a paver for $40 from Mr. Toy or the Village, because this is an integral part of the Memorial. These pavers memorialize loved ones, living or deceased, who have served our country. He can be reached at 614-890-0141. I can be reached at 614-668-8240. You do not need to know the exact dates of service. WW II, Korean War, etc., is fine along with the branch of service, i.e., Army, Navy, Coast Guard, etc. Mr. Toy has taken on the task to reach out to his many contacts in veterans organizations to participate in a dedication ceremony when the time comes. Our target date for this dedication ceremony was Memorial Day 2016, but Mr. Toy reminded me that most veterans attend parades and ceremonies that day. At his request, we will target the weekends before or after Memorial Day for the dedication. NOTE: Portions of this project (the foundation work) are dependent on decent weather for completion. We will be posting the paver form on the website the weekend of March 4. What will this look like? I hope to have a rendering of the Memorial posted on the website within the next week.



It's Your Turn

May 2, 2016

Underwritten by your $20 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - Your Community Association needs help ... someone to become the Treasurer. Please email MPCA President Dani Wolf with your interest and to learn more.



MPCA Community Garage Sale Fundraiser - Aug 20

May 17, 2016

Aug 20 - 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost - $5 plus 10% of your proceeds
$10 late registration fee (you will not be on the map)

Underwritten by your $20 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - This is one of your Community Association’s biggest fundraisers. The Community Association funds several projects to enhance the Village, and your registration fee plus 10% of your proceeds are vital to that effort. The $5 registration fee (or a $10 late fee) covers the cost of local group advertising, balloons for your mailbox, and maps of participating homes for your distribution. Please register promptly.

TO REGISTER - Please drop off or send the attached form and a check for $5 payable to “Minerva Park Community Association” to the Community Building, 2829 Minerva Lake Rd. Registration packets will be delivered to sellers before the event. Volunteers (with an official MPCA badge) will collect your 10% proceeds at 4 p.m. that afternoon, so please have your envelope ready.

We need volunteers to help make this event a big success. Contact Dani Wolf (614-937-1994) or Jean McCall (614-327-5326), if you would like to help with packet creation and distribution, or advertising.

  • NO unauthorized sales - This event is a fundraiser for your Community Association.
  • NO food or drink sales - This is also a fundraiser for our own Emergency Squad. Please direct people to the Community Building throughout the day to purchase hot dogs, hamburgers, and baked goods. No food or drink sales or give-aways at residences, please.



Villager Newsletter - Jul

Jun 27, 2016

Underwritten by your $20 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - Download the July issue of the Villager newsletter.

Stories include ...

  • Renewal Levy, Tuesday, August 2 Ballot
  • Click It or Ticket - Good Advice for Any Season
  • Family Fun Night - Jul 23, 7p-10p
  • Proposed 2017 Tax Budget - Jul 11, 6:30p



Work Packets for Council Meetings

Jul 9, 2016

Residents are encouraged to attend the Council Meetings, Mondays, 7 p.m., Community Building. Get involved! Review Council work packets ...



Coffee with Council - Jul 18

Jun 28, 2016

Residents are invited to meet with Council members to discuss Village issues. Community Building, 7 p.m.