Get Emergency Notifications

Dec 3, 2016
By Police Chief Kim Nuesse

Many residents have requested the ability to receive community information and emergency alerts from the police officers, so we have created a Nixle account, free for residents and businesses in the Village. Go to for more information and sign up to receive alerts by email or text.



MP Community Association Annual Membership Drive

Updated Aug 30, 2016

The MPCA annual membership drive is here, and we have exciting news for 2016. Residents will be able to update their information and pay the annual membership online! You can complete registration online, in person, or by email ... and pay direct ($20, unchanged) or pay online ($21). Registration information will help update the Resident Directory and confirm membership for members-only events. Note that only MPCA officials have access to your information.

  1. Update your listing in the MPCA Resident Directory. Your Community Association produces a resident directory annually, containing important contact information for the MP Police and Fire Departments, MPCA committees, government officials, Planning & Zoning, local schools; trash collection; resident listings; MP map; and local-area advertising. It’s important that we publish accurate information, so please make sure your listing is correct. The directory is offered as a benefit of membership in your Community Association and can be purchased by non-MPCA members.
  2. Join your Community Association. For an annual donation of only $20 (paid by mail or in person) or $21 (paid online), you can help support a wide variety of social events (some for MPCA members only) that help make our Village a special place to live. These include Christmas Carriage Rides; the children’s Halloween Party, Christmas Party, and Easter Egg Hunt; Family Fun Night; Wine & Cheese events at the pool; Garage Sales; Candidates Night; Nancy Fisher Memorial Scholarship; Garden Tour; Garden Awards; Festival of Lights; Duck Award for good citizenship; Welcoming Committee; Sunshine Committee; Resident Directory; the Villager newsletter, and more.
  3. Give back to your community. Officers and committee assignments were decided at the annual MPCA business meeting on September 14. Learn how you can give back to your community by contacting MPCA President Dani Wolf,

Direct questions to Dani Wolf, MPCA President,



Snow Removal

Dec 3, 2016

No parking on MP streets before, during, and after snowfalls. Snowplows do a cleaner, better job clearing our roads when vehicles are pulled into driveways. This is especially critical on the courts and cul-de-sacs where maneuvering space is limited.

Please not park on the streets so the snowplow crews can do their jobs. We understand that, with multiple drivers in your household, sometimes parking in your driveway a challenge, but please do the best you can. As you know, our streets are narrow and the crews’ trucks need to move at about 20 to 25 miles per hour to gain momentum to effectively plow our streets. Let’s not make their jobs any more difficult for them.



Villager Newsletter -Feb

Feb 2, 2017

Underwritten by your $20/$21 Community Association Dues. Join or donate today. - Download the Feb issue of the Villager newsletter.

Stories include ...

  • 2016 Children's Christmas Party
  • A Thank You to Dick Busick for his MPCA service as Treasurer
  • Getting to Know You Feature



Work Packets

Feb 2, 2017

Council Meetings - Residents are encouraged to attend the Council Meetings, Mondays, 7 p.m., Community Building. Get involved! Review Council work packets ...

Planning and Zoning Meetings - Planning and Zoning meets usually on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m., dependent on items coming before the Commission.

  • Feb 1, 2017

Schedule - Residents are invited to attend and observe meetings, i.e., committee work sessions and Planning & Zoning meetings. Dates and times are posted officially at the Community Building, Pool, and Playground, or call 614-882-5743.



Coffee with Council

Feb 2, 2017

Residents are invited to meet with Council members to discuss Village issues. Community Building, Feb. 20, 7 p.m.