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There have been some questions regarding public use of the track between Hawthorne Elementary School and the Minerva Park Pool.  We recently received an update from Westerville City Schools which is copied below:


The field and track area is to be open to the public during non-school / non-practice hours. Access is to be via the sidewalk area that ties into the parking lot of the Minerva Park swimming pool in the Southwest corner of the field.

This public use policy aligns with how the District is offering we offer use of our other MS track and field facilities. As such, signage should be going up in the next few weeks to align with this policy.

Please note the following school activities on the track and field for the next 6 months:

1. March 11 - May 7, 2024: MS track team practice and 'meets', after school

2. May 8 - Aug 1, 2024: The District will have a contractor on site. They will be constructing a storage type building next to the 'grand stands' on the west side of the field. This will further limit public use during the summer months due to safety concerns in and around this side of the field.

3. Aug. 2, 2024: MS football practice starts after school.