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The Village of Minerva Park is an independent village in Columbus, OH. It began as Minerva Amusement Park in 1895. The Minerva Park subdivision began in 1927. Minerva Park has its' own Mayor, Council and full time Police Department. There is a Planning and Zoning Commission as well. In 2016 there was an annexation of the Minerva Lake Golf Course and 250 homes were added to the 550+ existing homes.


Minerva Park has several green spaces, pathways, a playground, and a public pool. There are two 'lakes' in the neighborhood and several ponds in the plats where the golf course used to be. Wildlife is often seen throughout the Village.


Hawthorne Elementary is located within Minerva Park. Westerville City Schools added two additional schools in Minerva Park. Minerva France Elementary opened in the fall of 2022, and Minerva Park Middle School began to hold classes in August of 2023. Minerva Park is also home to office spaces, grocery stores, and other small businesses. 


The Minerva Park Community Association is separate from the Village Government but they offer community activities such as garden tours, community garage sales, arts festivals, children's parties and Christmas' carriage rides. Visit mympca.org to learn more about this terrific organization.