Playground History

a group of people razing playground equipment
  •  May 2, 2016 by Mayor Eisentrout 
    • ​The new playground equipment is going to be pretty popular with our little residents. Congratulations to the Village Council's Community Committee under the leadership of Councilman Dobbins on a job well done. The Village is paying $25,000 for this equipment, including shipping, installation, and a 100-year warranty on most of the pieces. What happens now? Our risk management representative from our liability insurance company has signed off on the design that meets our safety standards. Council approved a motion at the April 25 Council meeting authorizing me to sign off on the agreement so we can move forward with this project. Our goal is to have the installation completed by mid-June, weather permitting. An additional thank you to your MP Community Association for encumbering $3,000 for new benches and trash receptacles for the playground. 
  • August 22, 2016
    • ​Approximately 40 Community Association members gathered for a good old-fashioned playground equipment razing.