Electronic Bidding with Minerva Park

In an effort to make the solicitation process more efficient and cost effective for both vendors and the Village of Minerva Park, the Village is pleased to announce that we have adopted an electronic bidding process through the Bid Express® service as the primary method of submitting bids.


Secure electronic bidding offers the following advantages to vendors and the Village:

  • Provides alerts for solicitation postings and changes
  • Provides free bidding documents
  • Eliminates late bids due to weather, delivery service issues, traffic, and other unforeseen issues
  • Reduces costs compared with hand delivering bids
  • Allows for digitally signing bids
  • Provides error checking and alerts to omissions before submitting bid
  • Accommodates late changes to bids


Vendors must register with the Bid Express® service at https://www.infotechinc.com/bidexpress/ and create an Infotech Digital ID to review solicitations and to submit bids electronically.  Registering with and reviewing solicitations through the Bid Express® service is free.  Vendors pay a fee to the Bid Express® service only when they submit a bid electronically.  Vendors are encouraged to confirm their Infotech Digital ID is enabled at least 48 hours before submitting a bid electronically.


Vendors who wish to submit bid bonds electronically must register with at least one of the bid bond agencies affiliated with the Bid Express® service.  Vendors’ bonding agents must also be registered.  To obtain a list of affiliated bid bond agencies or for technical assistance, contact the Bid Express® technical success team at 888.352.2439 Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (EST) or via email at support [at] bidexpress.com.  Additional information is available on the vendors resource page(https://www.infotechinc.com/for-vendors)