Ohio's New Distracted Driving Law Now in Effect! Click for details

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As of April 4, 2023, it is illegal in most cases to use or hold a cell phone or other electronic device in your hand, lap, or other parts of the body while driving on Ohio roads. If an officer sees a violation, they can pull you over.

Previously, law enforcement could not pull over an adult driver distracted by an electronic device unless that driver also committed another traffic offense. The new law has made this behavior a primary offense, meaning that, in most cases, law enforcement can now immediately pull over any adult driver who is distracted by their phone.

With very few exceptions, anything that involves using, holding, or supporting a device while driving is off limits under Ohio’s new law. More details, along with a list of exceptions is available at PhonesDown.Ohio.gov.

Ohio’s new law has the potential to save many lives and make our roads safer. Numerous research studies have shown distracted driving is dangerous, and can potentially endanger your family, friends and neighbors.

Beginning April 4, law enforcement will be issuing warnings for violations of this new law. This is part of the effort to educate and help drivers adapt to the change. After six months, officers will begin issuing citations for violating this law.

To learn more, visit PhonesDown.Ohio.gov.