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planning & zoning - overview


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Before any contemplated revision or addition to one’s property is started, it is always good to inform the Planning & Zoning Commission of the changes you wish to make. Some items need permits, while some do not. But even if the work proposed does not need a permit, the Planning & Zoning Commission is a wealth of information, especially for DIY projects. They have counseled some residents on pitfalls to avoid and alternatives that could save the homeowner time and money over the course of a repair, revision, or replacement. They are an invaluable resource to our community.

A standard rule of thumb to use when asking if you need a permit is whether you are changing any structure or adding anything that would change a structure. This would require a permit. For example, if you wish to change your kitchen cabinets, this would not need a permit. But if you wanted to remodel your kitchen by changing the cabinets, adding a bay window, and moving the dishwasher to the other side of the sink, this would need permits, because you are changing electrical and plumbing lines and installing a window where there previously was none. But when in doubt, we are here to help. Please feel free to call the Zoning Clerk at 614-882-5743 with any questions or for any information.

The Planning & Zoning Commission frequently gets requests for approval for decks, additions, garages, and fences. But other items can be reviewed, such as hot tubs, porches, sheds, landscape, and driveway or sidewalk enhancements.

Zoning meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. If you have a planned item, you can be put on the agenda for discussion. Please call the Zoning Clerk at 614-882-5743 for needed forms and materials you might have to supply for the meeting and for any questions as to what is needed for presentation. Because of the volume of permit applications, it is required that you now provide the necessary items for a building permit, such as a cross-section drawing defining the structure (including footer and beam supports), two elevation drawings, a site plan, and a floor plan at least two weeks before the upcoming zoning meeting to get put on the agenda. Provided the information given to the Planning & Zoning Commission is adequate for approval, you can get a permit issued to you the next day, if the plans are approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission. It’s as simple as that!

Chapter 12 - Planning & Zoning Code
Additional ordinances not yet incorporated into Chapter 12



Planning & Zoning meetings are held in the Community Building on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30p.m. Residents are invited and encouraged to attend.



$50 each. If the Commission is unable to grant your request, you may appeal to the Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting (the second Monday of the month). By the Friday morning before that Council meeting, present to the Zoning Clerk 9 copies of your plans and/or paperwork, the variance request form, and any applicable fees. Failure to do so will keep your request off the Council agenda, and you will be delayed until the Council meeting the following month.


planning & zoning commission

  • Karen Cogley, Chair
  • Pam Park-Curry, Village Council Liaison
  • Lisa Craddock Thitoff
  • Donna Kopecky
  • Scott Doellinger
  • Lorry Roblin, Zoning Clerk


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