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Police Chief Kim NuesseJanuary 2011 - The Village is pleased to welcome 27-year veteran as Minerva Park's new police chief. With an impressive array of credentials, she comes to us after a nationwide search that yielded applicants as far away as Alaska.

Her law enforcement career began March 1983 as a Campus Police Officer for Xavier University. She moved to Law Enforcement Officer for the University of Cincinnati OH (Mar 1985 - Jan 1991) and Police Sergeant for the City of Loveland OH (Mar 1994 - Jul 2004).

As a Lieutenant, Administration Bureau Commander, and Acting Chief of Reynoldsburg OH (Jul 2004 - Jul 2006), she:

  • supervised personnel assigned to the detective bureau, support services, property and evidence division, court liaison officers, community services officers and CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, accreditation process.
  • managed CALEA accreditation.
  • developed and administered training programs for the entire agency, including civilian personnel.
  • wrote and implemented federal and state grant funding.
  • conducted internal investigations.
  • managed large case investigations including multijurisdictional cases.
  • partnered with HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas of the Office of National Drug Control Policy).
  • restored and restructured the narcotics drug investigation unit.

As the Police Chief for Sandusky OH (Aug 2006 - Jun 2008), she:

  • implemented a violent crime task force of federal, state, and regional law enforcement leading to more than 50% reduction of violent crime within one year.
  • started the Firelands Association of Chiefs of Police in Erie County (elected President in Feb 2008).
  • restored the relationship of trust between the minority community and Police Department through various efforts, including revamping the citizen complaint and investigation process.
  • was selected as the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police representative on the executive committee of the Northern Border Initiative, Ohio Homeland Security.
  • initiated regional SWAT team collaboration and coordinated training.
  • reorganized the Police Department structure and streamlined delivery of services and training.
  • served as Chairman of the Sandusky Records Commission.
  • participated in regional dispatch efforts.

Additionally, she is an Adjunct Instructor (Jun 2006 - present) at Northwestern University Center for Public Safety (Evanston IL), teaching budgeting curriculum to police executives nationally and advising executives on best practices regarding municipal budgeting.

In June 2008, she was fired as Sandusky's Police Chief, later reinstated in full on all four counts, and the City continues to appeal one finding. Additionally, her countersuit to the city is pending. Nonetheless, she ran successfully for Sandusky's City Commissioner position, garnering an impressive 25.15% of the votes in a field of 7 candidates, her next rival receiving only 16.42% of the votes.

As a Sandusky City Commissioner (Jan - Dec 2010), she:

  • advocated for and enacted a balanced budget with falling revenues and a $1 million deficit.
  • addressed difficult public relations issues during union contract negotiations.
  • conducted press conferences, voted on proposed legislation, evaluated and managed four charter officers.
  • formed a focus group of business people and citizens to research and implement a cooperative satellite college campus and incubator.
  • advocated for fiscal responsibility and excellent delivery of government services through an efficiency assessment of safety services by the ICMA (International City/County Management Association, Leaders at the Core of Better Communities), including key budget savings measures and efficiencies.
  • supported and implemented a master economic plan for the city and master planning for all park areas.

Chief Nuesse has prior extensive media experience, including hosting and producing a cable television show for law enforcement in the Cincinnati area, writing a local newspaper column, and hosting & producing a regional show for a Christian radio station in the Toledo-Cleveland area. She helped establish a juvenile intervention program and created a regional safety program for children, initiatives that were featured in the Ohio Police Chiefs magazine. She also created a defensive tactics program for police officers and is a former D.A.R.E. officer and crime prevention specialist. She has served as a narcotics unit and major crimes unit supervisor and as a SWAT supervisor.

She is a graduate of Xavier University, holding a bachelor's degree with a concentration in Organizational Leadership, and a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College. She received the Andrew C. Eustis Leadership Award (Xavier University, 2001), the Top Cop Award (Clermont County Citizens Law Enforcement Association, 2003), and the Outstanding Community Service Award for her work with the minority community (City of Sandusky Human Relations Commission, 2007). She is a member of the International City/County Management Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Chief Nuesse is married to husband Jim and has six children. She is an avid volunteer and has served on the school boards of a private Montessori school and a private Christian school and on the board of the Sandusky Salvation Army. She is active in her local church and enjoys martial arts, softball, and theatre.


the process

A year and a half ago (Aug 2009), the Safety Committee started a fact-finding mission to determine the then-current state of the Police Department and develop benchmarks on where MP wanted the Police Department to be, namely one of the finest Police Departments in the Midwest.

The following summarizes the Safety Committee’s report.

Vision - The Safety Committee fashioned a vision that the “Minerva Park Police Department ...

  • is one of the finest Police Departments in the Midwest.
  • has strong leadership, well-trained and well-disciplined officers, and an established chain of command.
  • works hard to build positive relationships with the residents of the Village and the citizens of the surrounding communities.
  • has an excellent working relationship with the Mayor, the Clerk-Treasurer, the Council, and all staff and departments.
  • works efficiently and effectively with the Prosecutors Office, the court system, and other law enforcement agencies."

To reach that vision, over a period of several months, the Safety Committee undertook talks with various individuals to learn more about the current state of the Department, including in-depth interviews with then Police Chief Bobbie Hillard, later Acting Police Chief Adam Beach, Prosecutor Kelleen Roth, Legal Counsel Gene Hollins, Mayor Lynn Eisentrout, Clerk-Treasurer Suzanne Coulter, and Administrative staff members Sara Schumacher, Christi Nordman, and Christy Williamson.

Subsequently, the Safety Committee recommended that:

  • in addition to changes to health insurance that had already resulted in better benefits for some officers (offsetting a lack of raise in some time), a 2% cost of living increase be approved for all hourly police officers.
  • an additional 1% payout be granted for those months that Sgt. Beach served as Acting Chief.
  • with the continuing absence of the Chief and occasional absences in the Department, the Department reinstitute its recruiting and hiring process.
  • someone with a high level of police knowledge and experience be brought in as a consultant to review the Committee's findings, make recommendations, and conduct a search for Police Chief.

With that final recommendation, the Safety Committee reported to Council, which as a whole confirmed (Oct 11, 2010) the appointment of Jeff Miller (27-year police veteran and past mayor of Canal Winchester OH) as Public Safety Liaison. Hired for a 4- to 6-month tenure, he developed a job description (below) for the police chief search that yielded some 43 applicants nationwide.

Based on the qualifications and after the initial cut, the Mayor and the Public Safety Liaison interviewed the top three candidates, who were subsequently interviewed by the Safety Committee, consisting of Safety Chair Todd Walter, Council President & Finance Chair Pam Park-Curry, and Legislation Chair Sharon Bierman.

At Council's Saturday work session on January 8, 2011, the Safety Committee, with the Public Safety Liaison, presented its recommendation to the Council, affirming that Kim Nuesse was the unanimous choice of the Safety Committee, Mayor Eisentrout, and the Public Safety Liaison.

At the regular Council meeting on Monday, January 11, Council moved to support the Mayor's appointment of Kim Nuesse as Police Chief, that vote being 5-1. Following, Council passed legislation confirming Ms. Nuesse's terms. On January 14, Ms. Nuesse was sworn in with an official start date of January 24. •


police chief - job description

In fall 2010, the Village of Minerva Park accepted applications for Chief of Police. Although the position has been filled, this posting is left here for the benefit of our residents ...

The Village of Minerva Park seeks a dynamic, innovative, community oriented, and visionary individual to serve as its next Police Chief.  The incoming Chief will report to the Mayor, supervise a staff of four full-time and five part-time officers, and administer a budget of $625k.  Selection criteria will include the candidate’s experience in management, communication and community relations, and leadership.

professional experience

  • Minimum of 10 years of command level authority in an urban police agency is required, with operational and administrative experience in multiple areas of law enforcement.
  • Significant experience in a municipality of complexity comparable to the Minerva Park Police Department.
  • Well-versed in the laws of the State of Ohio and Franklin County or demonstrated ability to master laws within the probationary period.
  • Experience in working in a diverse urban multi-cultural environment.

professional education

  • Four-year degree and a graduate degree are preferred or a combination of other training and experience that provides the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities required.
  • Preferred completion of senior level management programs such as the Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP), FBI National Training Academy, and Southern Police Institute.


  • Administrative experience and business acumen to effectively plan, direct, and coordinate police resources.  Develop effective budgets and aggressively pursue grants.
  • Commitment to work strategically & collaboratively and ensure compliance with Village policies.
  • Delegate responsibilities effectively and appropriately in a manner that facilitates development of leadership skills and career advancement opportunities.  Advocate and support recruitment, training, and development initiatives.
  • Conducts periodic performance reviews and adjudicates performance and disciplinary actions in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Committed to politeness and civility by officers in their interactions with the mayor, village officials, coworkers, and community members, improving diversity and creating an inclusive culture within the department, increasing morale and officer satisfaction.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity, process, and procedure.

communication and community relations

  • Develops rapport with elected officials to advocate on behalf of departmental needs, objectives, and initiatives.
  • Demonstrated passion for policing.  Finds the work of policing personally fulfilling and rewarding.  Ambassador in promoting the profession and the role of police within the community.
  • Work effectively with and communicate through various print, Internet, and video media.
  • Possesses strong interpersonal communications.  Committed to listening to the Village’s workforce and elected officials.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences, including minorities, the mentally challenged, and disenfranchised individuals in Minerva Park and adjoining areas through open, honest dialogue.  Be visible and engaged in our community.


  • Knowledge of and commitment to incorporating nationally recognized best practices in policing into department policies.  Model the standards of the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).
  • Possess knowledge regarding trends, research, and current issues impacting policing and public safety.
  • Experience in emergency operations and crisis management.
  • Ability to create and implement programs and initiatives to reduce and prevent crime and work collaboratively with neighboring law enforcement and criminal justice organizations on joint crime suppression efforts, while respecting the appropriate boundaries and engaging community trust.
  • Strategic leadership with regard to employment issues.  Accept feedback, willingly embrace the Village’s accountability structure, and appreciate outside perspective and review.
  • Understand and support progressive perspectives on key policing issues such as services for crime victims; hate crimes; use of force; immigration enforcement; religious, cultural, economic, and racial profiling; gender identity and expression; youth outreach; alternatives to arrest and incarceration; innovative approaches to drug law enforcement; emergency operations procedures; and crisis management.



The Village of Minerva Park is located in the northeast Columbus OH metropolitan area (Franklin County). The estimated population is 1,288 with 562 housing units and limited retail units.  At the 2000 census, the median household income was $63,875, the median rent was $683, and monthly homeowner costs, for people with mortgages, were $1,263.  Its proud heritage can be traced back to 1895 as an amusement park.  This unchartered village is a mayor-council form of government, with a clerk-treasurer and a 6-member council.  Its volunteer fire department boasts an impressive EMS staff, and the very active Community Association hosts a wide variety of events throughout the year. 


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