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2004 in review


In addition to monthly reports presented in the "Villager," Mayor Eisentrout has requested that the various Village departments provide annual wrap-ups. Here is a summary of 2004 ...


fire department - ems

By Chief Rick Hoechstetter ... The MP Volunteer Fire Department responded to 479 emergency calls (runs), representing a 41% increase in run volume over the two previous years (284 and 281, respectively). There was a variety of types of runs, although most were either trauma (accidents & other injuries) or medical. Officers and members of the Fire Department contributed 6,476 volunteer hours in 2004.

The Fire Department received a total of $7,000 in grant funding from the Ohio Department of Public Safety and another $6,000 in contract funding from Blendon Township, for whom we provide reciprocal service.

During 2004, members expanded the vehicle bay by 265 cubic feet at no cost to the Village to accommodate the increased size of EMS vehicles. While our medic vehicle was small enough to fit in the existing bay, the occasions when we had to borrow another vehicle resulted in damage to the interior of the bay because many of those vehicles were nearly a foot longer than our own Medic 119. By expanding the bay, we are now able to accommodate most of the vehicles available to us.

The Fire Dept. recruited 17 new members. Credit for facilitating their training belongs to duty crews, who have taken a personal interest in the process. Each 6-hour shift has a special “provisional” time slot intended for new members.

We planned to replace Medic 119’s chassis, with Life Star Rescue Company of Van Wert OH selected for the job. The medic will be transported to its facility soon after the beginning of the new year. Replacing the chassis will provide another 5 or so years of lifespan for our existing unit.

Historically, the capital allocation for the Fire Department that remained unspent at the end of the fiscal year was reallocated to the EMS Vehicle Fund. This fund is used to pay for new vehicles every 12 years or so. This year marked the first time that Minerva Park municipal finances were not able to contribute to the EMS Vehicle Fund. We are hopeful that, with the additional funding that will be realized in 2005, our capital allocation schedule will be reestablished in 2005.


police department

By Chief Bobbie Hillard ... The Police Department received a grant for the purchase of 3 mobile data terminals for the police cruisers.

Grant funds
MP portion


This means that we can request and receive information from other municipal and state agencies on a timely basis, allowing for faster response times and greater safety in the field.

We received a grant for the purchase of a fully equipped police bicycle, for patrolling the neighborhood more effectively.

Grant funds
MP portion


We applied for and are currently awaiting approval of a grant to purchase bulletproof vests for each police officer.

Community Service - Officers from the MP Police Department and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit spent a couple of days at Hawthorne Elementary School and demonstrated how both departments work together in law enforcement. Patrolman Adam Beach presented a safety belt program to all 3rd-graders at Hawthorne Elementary School.

Officers Serving Our Country - Patrolman Michael Back, Jr. is in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. His unit was reactivated and sent to Iraq. Training Sergeant James Meade was recruited and sent to Alkut to assist in the training of police officers in Iraq.

Collaborative efforts with area agencies help keep our Village safer. Our 2004 statistics are as follows:

Dispatched runs
Nondispatched runs
Assist area agencies
Misdemeanor arrests
Felony arrests
Sex offense
Auto theft
Criminal mischief
Criminal damaging
Telephone harassment
Breaking & entering
Suspicious people
Sucpicious vehicles
Motorist assists
9-1-1 calls
Burglary in progress false alarm
Breaking & entering false alarm
Domestic vionece
Missing people
Stolen vehicle recoveries


mayor’s court

By Charline Garrabrant, Clerk of Courts ... Mayor’s Court has gone through several changes during this last year. Beginning January 2004, Eric Johnson began as our new magistrate. He has done an excellent job, both during court sessions and in helping the Clerk of Courts to refine procedures and making her job more efficient.

Our former prosecutor, Narcus Tsiliacos, finished his service with Minerva Park at the end of December 2004. We thank him for his many years of service. As of 2005, we welcome Kyle Stroh as the new Mayor’s Court prosecutor.

During May 2004, we experienced fewer cases in our court, but the caseload has picked up again.

The public is invited to attend Mayor’s Court, held on every other Tuesday at 6:00p. Our 2004 statistics are as follows:

Total receipts
Paid to the state
To MP computer fund
to MP general fund



By Suzanne Coulter ... It was a busy year, dealing with new challenges facing the Village. In addition to my substantial training, I attended several continuing education seminars sponsored by different governmental groups. I am now certified by the State Auditor’s Office for Continuing Education, the State Treasurer’s Office for Investments, and the Ohio Associations of Public Treasurers. This is the third year the State Auditor’s Office has asked me to be a “traveling clerk,” meaning that I represent the State Auditor’s Office and go to nearby townships and villages to help their clerks with problems they may be having.

I took part in helping the Mayor to secure for the Village new grants. The first was for three new computer terminals in our officers’ cars that help them to connect to the county records department for information on the drivers that they pull over. The second was a grant for a police bicycle, clothing, and equipment for two officers, for patrolling areas around the Village not easily accessed by car. The Village also received a loan from the Ohio Public Works for the repaving of Minerva Lake Road.

I appreciate the strong support from the Village for the income tax. We pledge that the monies generated from this tax are used in the best interest of the residents.



By Susan Waldenmyer, Zoning Clerk ... We have had a busy year with all that has been going on! Our 2004 statistics are as follows ...

41 permits


Again, fences topped the list for the most requested permits, followed by sheds, decks, and various building permits (room or additions, garages, etc.)

In 2004, we passed new ordinances for fences, new construction, & major remodeling ... and revised fees for various inspections. The Planning & Zoning Commission is currently working on updating other coding to coincide with our changing times and needs.

Zoning forms can be downloaded from the website.


the pool

By Reno Volpe, Board Treasurer ... Lots of rain and cooler days did not make for the most profitable season in 2004.

We were honored to host the 2004 Founders Day event. We have plenty of shade, space, and flat land to accommodate such events. We invite your group to have its event at the MP pool!

We erected a new service building and landscaped it. Our 2004 statistics are as follows:

176 memberships
Walk-ins $4,470
YMCA contract $5,000
Pool fund $20,000
Village funds $13,000


We anticipate opening the 2005 season on Memorial Day weekend. We hope to see several MP families and groups as members this year. If you would like to volunteer or serve on the Pool Board, call Georganna Cannif at 882-2376.


community association

By Bob Gale, MPCA President ... The MPCA continues to have steady membership of Village residents. As of December 2004, we had 65% of Village households as dues-paying members. In 2004, the MPCA hosted more than 20 activities paid for by your $15 dues, advertising in the Villager and Directory, the annual garage sale, and in-kind donations. Those activities include Garden Awards, Garden Tours, MinervaFlora beautification, Duck Award for Outstanding Citizen of the Year, Garage Sale, Children's Halloween Party, Greetings from the Sunshine Committee, Lake Clean-ups, Newcomers Committee welcoming new residents, Children's Easter Egg Hunt, Founders Day, Children's Christmas Party, Publicity Committee, Candidates Night, Northland Community Council participation, Resident Directory, Festival of Lights, Christmas Carriage Rides, Scholarships, and the Villager newsletter.

Milestones in 2004 included the MPCA hosting Founders Day at the Minerva Park Pool. The MPCA thanks the Pool Board for their assistance. The 2003 Duck Award was presented posthumously to Beatrice Hulbert, a long-time Village resident.

The MPCA was busy in 2004, and we expect to continue our activities at the same pace in 2005. We need volunteers to do these activities. Currently we have vacancies on the Garage Sale and Founders Day committees. Many thanks goes to current members of the MPCA board, including Lisa Craddock-Thitoff, Gretchen Persohn, Kala Sue Bush, Suzanne Coulter, Marilyn Herboltzheimer, Dianne Poncinie, Sharon Bierman, Jim Kehl, Chuck Gibson, Kim Dooley, Kathy Martinez, and Kathy Ramey. If you would like to volunteer your service to the Village, call Bob Gale at 560-0452.


the mayor’s office

As you can see from the year-end reports from the other departments, it has been a busy and productive year, with some anticipated issues and many that were not. None of us could have accomplished what we did alone – it's been a team effort.

In February 2004, Dominion Homes made overtures to the Village to annex and submitted a bid to the golf course property owners that far exceeded any debt the Village could assume. Thus began the 11-month negotiation process involving countless hours of meetings, viewing numerous conceptual plans and existing developments, hammering out development text, and scrutinizing annexation and TIF language. A town meeting was held in October with an unprecedented attendance of more than 400 residents. As of January 20, 2005, the negotiations between the property owners and the developer ceased without any deal being closed. We are now speaking on a regular basis to the property owners and taking an active role in what may be a part of our community in the future. We will continue to keep our "eye on the ball" ... preserving the integrity of our beautiful Village.

Streets were a priority for 2004. In March, we applied to the Small Governments Division of the Ohio Public Works Commission for funding for Minerva Lake Road. We were notified in June that we had been approved for a 16-year loan of $149,000 at a rate of 2% for the Minerva Lake Road Project, a "mill & fill" with an expected life of 10 to 15 years. We will continue to aggressively pursue funding for the Street Repair Program.

Addressing the financial state of the Village was perhaps highest on the list of priorities for 2004. As the Clerk-Treasurer stated in her article, we appreciate your support for the income tax issue. We do not view this revenue from the income tax as a "windfall," rather simply paying the bills and planning for the future. All departments continue their grant-seeking efforts and other funding sources.

We now have a Village website that is updated on a regular basis to better disseminate information both to our residents and surrounding communities, to better acquaint them with our history and current events. Many thanks to Councilwoman Sharon Bierman for her ongoing efforts. Call 899-3755 to receive email notifications when the web is updated.

Two grants were sought and awarded to the Police Department for much-needed equipment. The Police Chief and Clerk-Treasurer have pledged to continue these efforts. Additionally, a concerted effort is being made by this department to be sensitive to overtime.

The EMS/Fire Department Chief and his members continue their recruiting efforts of quality people, increasing in-service time, and seeking funding opportunities.

A full staff meeting held in December proved to be very beneficial, and the overall feeling was that we needed and wanted more of these meetings.

In closing, I must thank all of you for your patience, support, and kind words of encouragement throughout this past year. I have been truly blessed to work with a wonderful staff and fellow elected officials. I look forward to many good things for the Village.

Mayor Lynn Eisentrout


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