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Minerva Park Playground Fund

In the August 2015 Villager, Mayor Eisentrout reported about the unsafe condition of the playground equipment (report) ... and subsequently put out a call for help with its removal.

Your Community Association responded. On Saturday, August 22, 2015, more than 40 residents gathered for a good old-fashioned playground equipment razing.

One thing is clear. Replacing it will cost money, and our thanks to MPCA Vice President Donna Kopecky, who has started a gofundme account to accept your donations ... or donate direct by contacting the MPCA president. The goal is to raise $5,000 by spring 2016. In the meantime, there will be much research about what to replace it with, seeking grants to help offset the costs, and fundraising. Your suggestions and donations will be appreciated. Get involved by emailing

Our thanks to the many volunteers and those who helped supply good eats for the crew.

* * *

Community Association annual meeting and election of officers - September 16. Contact president Dani Wolf with your interest in serving your Village for the coming year.


September 12 - Minerva Park's 75th anniversary celebration. Learn more at


Download the August Villager newsletter.


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