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Minerva Park is pleased to have residents involved in their Village and play an active role in helping to keep the Village the oasis that it is.

Here is a series of articles that will help inform the resident.


When you attend a council meeting or read the Mayor's Report, you will note that some legislation is passed "declaring an emergency." It sounds sudden and unexpected, but what does it really mean?

According to the Ohio Revised Code, to pass a piece of legislation as an emergency simply means that the legislation will take effect immediately after passage instead of 30 days later.

There are numerous reasons why a piece of legislation must take effect immediately, including to meet an important deadline, to sign a contract to keep services maintained, to start a project, or to take action on a hiring or benefits decision that needs to start as soon as possible. No matter what the reason, Council must consider it to be in the best interests of the health and welfare of the residents of the Village to have the legislation take effect immediately.

Despite it sounding sudden and unexpected, most pieces of legislation passed as an emergency are neither sudden nor unexpected. Much legislation is done on an annual basis such as contracts for services, the budget, and rules of council for the ensuing year. Street projects that are passed "declaring an emergency" often go through years of discussion and planning. These and other pieces of legislation are discussed in committee meetings and work sessions, and many times they are read at Council month after month before being passed.

When they are passed, if they need to go into effect immediately, they are passed declaring an emergency. So the next time you see "declaring an emergency," read it as "will take effect immediately."

Stay informed. All legislation - proposed or passed - continues to be posted at http://www.minerva

By Council President Pam Park-Curry
The Villager Newsletter - January 2011

Last time I discussed legislation that is passed as an emergency so it will take effect immediately instead of 30 days later. While it sounds sudden and unexpected, it is often legislation that has been discussed and planned for months. But passage to take effect immediately or in 30 days is only part of the process in passing legislation.

The other part is the readings that a piece of legislation goes through before passage. According to Ohio Revised Code §731.17A2, “Each ordinance or resolution shall be read on three different days, provided the legislative authority may dispense with this rule by a vote of at least three-fourths of its members.” The “three different days” could be three consecutive days, one day/week over three weeks, or one day each month, as is often the case when Council reads legislation at council meetings over a 3-month period.

In 2010, there were 22 times when legislation was read three times and then passed to take effect in 30 days. There were only 8 pieces of legislation that went through all three readings but then passed as an emergency so as to take effect immediately.

The readings each piece of legislation goes through gives residents a chance to know what is happening in the Village and is a better indication of the “speed of legislation” than whether or not the legislation was passed as an emergency.

Council publishes legislation on the website, both legislation that is pending and legislation that is passed. Please visit minervapark .org/legislation/ to see the variety of issues that are addressed in resolutions and ordinances. You can open the pdf, read the legislation, and at the bottom see the dates when the legislation went through the readings and the date the legislation was passed.

By Council President Pam Park-Curry
The Villager Newsletter - February 2011





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