Council Members


Updated Oct 30, 2018

Beth Bellomy, Safety Committee Chair

   I'm a small town girl at heart, even though I’ve spent most of my life in the city. So, when our family began looking for a new home, I wished for a place with a small community feel, and was getting discouraged touring impersonal developments and neighborhoods. Then, I discovered a hidden gem, our Minerva Park. As I drove through the village for the first time, I was enchanted by the lovely, distinct homes, the abundance of mature trees, and of course, our picturesque lakes. From the moment that I walked into what was to become our new home, I was smitten. So much so, that we purchased it on the spot! We were further assured that Minerva Park is a special place when there was a knock on our door, and there was a stranger, offering us a delicious home-baked treat. We took a break from our painting, chatting with her, and discovered that she was our next door neighbor. We were soon to meet other welcoming and helpful neighbors, the kind that will call you if you leave your garage door up, or will text you if they see a deer peering into your picture window. Minerva Park’s long and fascinating history, natural beauty, and attractive properties drew us in, but it’s the community spirit, genuine friendliness, and optimism of the residents that make us love our village.

Professionally, for many years, I have had the privilege of providing support to persons with Autism. Effectively and consistently impacting clients is a team effort. Most of the time, it is a very large team, each with their own ideas and preferences. It is essential that we listen carefully to other opinions, practice empathy, and most of all, keep the goals of our client in sight. My education and training is at times intense and is always evolving as our community together discovers new and promising pieces of the puzzle. This career is quite a change from my former one of representation of artists, and their products to individuals, galleries, and corporations. The interpersonal skills that I have developed have become invaluable to me when serving on church boards, volunteering in the inner-city with at-risk children, or supporting persons recovering from drug addiction.

On a personal note, I am married, and we have a daughter who is soon to enter grad school. My husband enjoys gardening, so resurrecting our garden to its former mid-century glory is a goal. Writing, music, and reading are some of my passions. We walk and bike our village as often as possible, so I hope to get to know more of my neighbors, welcoming our new residents, and learning from our native Villagers. - Jan 2017 •


Tony Benedetti, Community Committee Chair


Joe Curl, Service Committee Chair


Lori Santilli-Howard, Finance Chair


Tiffany Hughes, Streets Committee Chair

   I first want to start with saying thank you for everyone that voted for me, putting their trust in me to keep this village moving forward!

I have been around the village my entire life. My grandparents built their home on Jordan rd. in 1970. I come from an extremely close family considering I grew up within 1 mile from my grandparents and spent almost every day at their house. After my grandparents passed away my husband and I decided to keep this home in the family and continue to keep our 2 kids Taylor and Tanner in Westerville Schools. We took a long time remodeling the house the way we wanted it before we moved in.

I own and operate my own business as well as I am a real estate agent with Superior Homes Realty. I love working with people and making a difference. I am looking forward to making a difference in the village for years to come. - Jan 2018


Diane Schrimpf, Legislative Committee Chair

   I started my first term as a Minerva Park Council Person at Large, January 2018. Ohio natives, both my spouse (John) and I were born and raised in the greater Cleveland area, he from Euclid and me from Parma. All of my 5 siblings also live in Ohio. Business opportunity brought us to Columbus in 1983. We fell across Minerva Park by accident while house hunting in 1986. The mature trees and eclectic layout of the streets and variety of styles of houses really resonated with us. And here we remain 30 plus years later.

My business career took an eclectic path as well, working for a number of smaller for-profit businesses in the areas of operations including client services, product implementations and infrastructure project management. I enjoyed the challenges of working for entrepreneurial CEO’s even though a few ended up in bankruptcy – lots of lessons learned and skills acquired. The opportunities to participate in every aspect of the business from strategic planning to sales and marketing to infrastructure and human resources were so valuable. Over the years I became particularly expert at implementing new business and new software solutions and this experience allowed me to obtain the certification Project Management Professional in 2007.

Retirement at the end of 2016 meant I could look for additional opportunities to give back to the community. In addition to council membership, I am a volunteer guardian for seniors since 2002 through the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging. My other passion is for nature and along with gardening and landscaping our home I continue to volunteer at Ohio nature preserves. - Jan 2018 •