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council - duties


The Minerva Park Council consists of 6 members, one of whom is appointed as president. The committee duties are as follows ...

community committee

  • Recreation programs & playgrounds.
  • Care of Village lands (mowing, tree trimming, planting, etc.)
  • Maintenance of lakes & lake areas.
  • Care of trees on Village property other than street rights-of-way.
  • Celebrations and special days, such as Founders day, Fourth of July, etc.
  • MP Community Association liaison

finance committee

  • Monitor revenue and disbursements in the various Village funds.
  • Draft and finalize the tax budget and annual appropriation in coordination with the mayor and the Village treasurer.
  • Make recommendations for raising new revenues when required and preparation of required legislation.
  • Review with the mayor the financial status of the Village at least once each quarter.

legislation committee

  • Research, draft, and finalize ordinances and resolutions.
  • Review proposed draft ordinances and resolutions submitted by other committees and/or the mayor for content, legality, enforceability and need with the advice assistance of the Village law director.

safety committee

  • Consult with the police and emergency squad as to police and emergency squad staffing, operational policies, and training needs.
  • Recommend policy for traffic control, speed, parking, including recreational vehicles.
  • Report to the mayor any safety and fire hazard conditions.
  • Recommend lighting needs throughout the Village area.
  • Oversee proper handling of hazardous materials including the collection, storage and disposal of such materials.

service committee

  • Monitor and review refuse collections and contracts.
  • Make recommendations as to mosquito control.
  • Consult as to matters affecting general sanitation of the Village.
  • Oversee leaf pick up contract and process.
  • Monitor service lines (water) in coordination with the mayor, Village engineer, and City of Columbus when appropriate.

streets committee

  • Make recommendations for street repair, construction, and maintenance programs.
  • Sanitary sewer.
  • Oversee street name signs and safety signs and markings.
  • Consult on storm sewer issues.
  • Maintain trees on street rights of way.
  • Assist with snow removal arrangements.



Village of Minerva Park
2829 Minerva Lake Road
Columbus OH 43231
614.899.1296 fax
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