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christmas carriage rides


underwritten by your mpca duesThe first annual Christmas Carriage Rides were held in December 2002, in an effort to recreate an "Olde Fashioned Village Christmas." Spearheaded by Lynn Eisentrout, they have proved to be one of the most favorite Village events, growing in popularity each year.

Residents and limited guests meet to enjoy a good time, good food and the famous Minerva Park desserts, bonfire, hot chocolate, caroling, and of course the horse-drawn carriage rides amid Village homes ablaze with Christmas decorations and lights.

The Christmas Carriage Rides are open to Community Association members and limited guests - reservations are required. Contact the Membership Chair to confirm that your dues are current and watch the Villager newsletter starting in October for the reservation form.





Village of Minerva Park
2829 Minerva Lake Road
Columbus OH 43231
614.899.1296 fax
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