Nov 7 Ballot, Issue #30 - 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road


Nov 10, 2017

The Franklin County Board of Elections reports these unofficial results of the Nov 7 ballot re Issue #30:

  • No - 366 votes - 73%
  • Yes - 135 votes - 27%


Oct 28, 2017


Earlier this year, Mayor Eisentrout signed a contract for the Village to purchase 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road. It would be used as Village administrative offices (Mayor’s office, Planning & Zoning, Zoning Clerk, Planning Director, Code Enforcement, fiscal offices), for a variety of meetings, and for the Police Department.
Petitions were circulated by some residents, getting a referendum on the November 7 ballot. It is issue #30, “Shall the resolution authorizing and ratifying the execution, by the Mayor, of a real estate purchase contract for the purchase of 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road be approved?”
In the meantime, the contract to purchase has expired, and Minerva Park no longer is in contract to purchase the building.

  • If the voters pass issue #30, it is only in theory, because the contract to purchase has expired. It means simply that the Village is free to enter into a new purchase contract, if it chooses to do so in the future.
  • If the voters fail to support issue #30, it means simply the Village will not pursue a renewed contract for 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road.

Is the Community Building too small to serve our present and future needs?

The Village hired an architect to conduct a space planning study. He determined the suitable amount of square footage to be 8,700 - 10,000 sq.ft. for Minerva Park operational needs. In comparison, the current Community Building is 2,700 sq.ft., with several known deficiencies that make it inadequate to currently serve the residents of Minerva Park, including:

  • The Community Building, built in 1960, is not compliant with the later 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and its subsequent revisions.
  • The Community Building storage room has been partially converted into an office for staff, resulting in both limited storage space and cramped office space. Records have been compromised because of dampness, water leaks, and pests.
  • Another approximately 250 homes in Minerva Park with the new addition will further tax existing facilities.

Can the Village build a new building for less than the cost of purchasing and renovating 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road?

The architect’s research determined that the Village can purchase and renovate 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road for approximately $1,700,000 versus commissioning a new building for approximately $2,484,000 to $2,858,000, a professional estimate of approximately $285.86 per sq.ft. for a new-build, based on the Village’s projected needs of 8,700 - 10,000 sq.ft. Additionally, 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road has tenants, meaning a potential revenue stream, estimated to be between $113,000 to $125,000+ annually. Even after the bonds are paid, the building would still be providing a source of income to support other Village functions.

Does the Village really need more space?

New space at 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road would have Village administrative offices, a meeting room with a capacity of 80-100 people (in comparison, the current Community Building has a maximum capacity of 50 people), and a fully functioning police station. The meeting room would be large enough to hold Council meetings, committee meetings, and work sessions; Coffees with Council; Planning & Zoning meetings; Mayor’s Court; Village-sponsored town meetings (instead of renting Hawthorne School); and potentially more, including offering it to the Minerva Park Community Association for its monthly meetings.
Today’s Community Building has one large multi-purpose room and only two bathrooms, both upstairs off the main room. At 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road, the Police Department would have an interview room, a property room, decontamination space, and locker rooms. Practical examples:

  • There have been times when Police Officers needed to collect drug samples from a detainee in the public restrooms while meetings were being held.
  • If police officers come in contact with hazardous materials or bodily fluids, there is no place for them to decontaminate and change clothes, other than one of the two public restrooms.

Why did the Mayor and the Council decide to pursue the purchase of 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road?

Alternate properties were considered ... 5454 Cleveland Ave., the “Dive Shop” at 3197 E. Dublin-Granville Road, the Minerva Park Nursing Home, the church on Jordan Road, space at Northland Plaza, modulars/trailers, and renovating and/or replacing the Community Building.


Oct 23, 2017

Residents attended a public meeting on Oct 19 to learn about the purchase of 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road, Issue #30 on the Nov 7 ballot. Here are the documents that guided Council's presentation.

Audio of the resident meeting (146 megs) - 1 hour, 46 minutes


Download Minerva Park's ballot, mark your preferences, and take it with you to the polls to speed up your voting process.



May 21, 2017
By Lynn Eisentrout, Mayor

The Village recently had the opportunity to purchase 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road - an office building in Village “city limits" - supported by a strong financial analysis:

  • Construction costs for a new similar building - appx. 22,000 sq.ft. 3-story office building - would be between $4-$5 million, compared to the purchase price of the existing 1974 building at appx. $657,500 (less than the listed sale price) plus construction build-out costs of appx. $942,500.
  • Remodeling the existing appx. 2,688 sq.ft. Community Building, built in 1960, would be impractical, having to add on to the building and bringing the existing portions up to today’s code and complying with ADA standards.
  • Tenants will provide a revenue stream of appx. $112,800 annually, helping to offset any costs of acquisition and/or maintenance, which will be explained fully.

What will the building be used for?  With the annexation of the golf course and its development, the Village needs to look forward for the next 50 years.  We continue to hear from residents the importance of our Police Department, which will relocate to the space, providing adequate facilities for their needs.  The Village administration and Council also can take advantage of these facilities … and tenants will round out the occupancy.

Residents attended a meeting on Sunday, Jun 4, at the Community Building to learn more. The presentation is linked right below, Exhibit 2, followed by the 2 hours and 24 minutes of the audio..

As always, information about Village government activities has been and will continue to be available on … both in Council work packets for upcoming meetings ( and passed legislation (  Residents are encouraged to attend Council meetings on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month … and Coffee with Council on the 3rd Monday of the month, an open forum wherein residents can discuss Village issues with their Council members and Mayor. 

Jun 21, 2017
By Lynn Eisentrout, Mayor
Reprint from the Jul 2017 Villager newsletter

On June 4, residents attended a public meeting to learn about the Village’s purchase of 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Road. The Village administrative offices and the MP Police Dept. would relocate to that building … Council and resident meetings, Mayor’s Court, and other activities, would be held there, etc. And income-producing tenants would round out the occupancy.

The presentation and an audio of that meeting are uploaded to the website,, along with the financials and legislation. Here are some key take-aways from that meeting.

  1. This information has been available on the website since the February 27 Council work packet was posted ( Indeed, Council and your Mayor have been working diligently for several months, giving due consideration to this purchase, investigating the feasibility and financials so as to make responsible decisions on your behalf as your elected officials, along with Legal, Fiscal, and the Village planner.
  2. As was demonstrated at the June 4 meeting when some residents couldn’t get in because of the limited space and the Fire Code’s imposed maximum capacity of only 50 people, the current 2,688 sq.ft. Community Building (built in 1960) has outlived its originally intended purpose. It is no longer up to code, and it is not ADA compliant with the 1990 federal legislation. Even if these issues could be remediated, consideration must be given to the Village adding 250 homes, even further taxing the building’s ability to serve the residents for the next several decades.
  3. Financing would be provided by selling bonds ( Tenants will provide a revenue stream of appx. $112,800 annually, helping to offset any costs of acquisition and/or maintenance.
  4. As a comparison, construction costs for a new building of like kind - appx. 22,000 sq.ft. 3-story office building - would be between $4-$5 million, compared to the purchase price of the existing 1974 building at appx. $657,500 (less than the listed sale price) plus construction build-out costs of appx. $942,500.

May 24, 2017 - Exhibit 1 - Financials
Jun 4, 2017 - Exhibit 2 - Jun 4 Meeting Presentation
Jun 4, 2017 - Audio of the resident meeting (198 megs) - 2 hours, 24 minutes

Jun 13, 2017
- Exhibit 3 - Ratifying purchase of 2999 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. - Resolution 2017-17.
Jun 7, 2017 - Exhibit 4 - Financing, excerpted from the May 22 Council Work Packet - Ordinance 13-2017.